Hi, I am Davis!

I'm a Los Angeles native and United States Navy veteran, hooyah! I'm one of the rare South Americans here, half Peruvian and half Brazilian. I'm married to my lovely wife, Joana, and we have two boys which are my world and the reason I decided to pursue photography.

Growing up photography has always been my interest. Starting from my elective photography class in high school to taking photos for the school yearbook and school newspaper to taking photography in the United States Navy.

Now that I have my family, taking pictures of them is a must. I want to capture all of our moments as much as I can. I tend to be asked to take photos as well for friends and family. The love of taking photos of my family and the trust of friends/family members to ask me to take their photos lead me to think... why not doing something more? So here we are!

I would love to be your photographer for any family pictures, couples, graduations, headshots, and events.

I look forward to interacting with you and capturing some special moments!